M. Yousuf Rangoonwala - President Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat

As the President of Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat, I am very thankful to Almighty Allah for giving me and my team the opportunity to serve the members of Jamat. Alhamdulillah our team is the first team of Jamat which has been selected to serve Jamat through elections with the help and cooperation of the members of Jamat and I and my entire team are very grateful to all the members of Jamat for this cooperation and belief.

Our first priority in serving the members of the Jamat is to educate the children and youth of the Jamat and at the same time make them skilled and aware according to the present times so that our future generations can benefit from it. Along with education, we are trying to provide maximum employment opportunities to our members so that unemployment can be eliminated from Jamat and in this regard, work has been started to provide interest free business loans to the members on easy installments. Efforts are also being made to improve the medical treatment, monthly helps, housing, marriage and other matters of the members of Jamat.

The current team will soon issue a health card for all the members of Jamat which will be used by members at any time as per their need. At the same time, for the first time in the Jamat, a 24/7 Committee has been formed to serve the members through which the members of the Jamat can contact the representatives of committee in case of any sudden trouble and inform them about their medical, burial or any legal issue and InShaAllah every effort will be made by the committee to resolve the grievances of the members as soon as possible.

In the end, we will try our best to promote the atmosphere of brotherhood and fraternity in the congregation. Poverty should be eradicated from the Jamat and all members should be made independent and we need full support and cooperation of our members for this noble cause.

Muhammad Yousuf Rangoonwala


Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat