Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat is non-profit organization, established in 1949 in Karachi Pakistan. The purpose behind establishment of this community was to bring brotherhood and bonding between its members in Karachi city. Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat has its own Constitution and the community is working for its people in the light of its Constitution.


The aims and objectives of community are as follows:


  • To promote unity, brotherhood and friendship among the members of Jamat and to work for the betterment and uplift of the members of Jamat.


  • To extend all possible help and cooperation to the members of Jamat and to strive for betterment of the Educational and Religious conditions of the members of Jamat. To adopt proper measures for providing Coffin and Burial facilities to the dead ones.


  • In order to fulfill aims and objectives to raise funds by way of subscriptions, donations, contributions, grants, aids, loans and advances either in cash or cheque or any other term and to utilize, use or appropriate the same in the best interest of Jamat.


  • To establish and run Jamat Khana, decoration services or to adopt any other measures for the furtherance and strengthening the social and economic condition of Jamat. To acquire, purchase or exchange properties both movable and immovable for the association and to maintain, repair, renovate, demolish or construct the same from time to time for Offices, Coaching Classes, Cutting Classes, Libraries, etc.


  • To amalgamate Madrassas, Schools, Boarding Houses, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Industrial Homes, Meeting Rooms, Function Halls, Educational / Instructional / Vocational Training Centres, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Maternity Homes, Child Welfare Centres, Sanatoriums, Orphanages, Musafir Khanas etc. whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary and found feasible within the means of the Community.


  • To maintain close contracts with the entire Memon Community of Pakistan and to extend fullest cooperation and assistance in matters relating to Social uplift and collective unity of the entire Memon Community. To cooperate or affiliate with any other Memon Institution or Organisation having similar aims and objectives.


  • This Jamat shall not take any part in the politics of the country.




Our vision is to provide each and every facility to the members of Jamat and fulfill every basic need of needy people of Jamat. Following are some points of our vision:


  • To enable Wehvaria Education Board freely to provide every possible help to the students of Jamat. The students who are seeking for Higher Studies will be given personal encouragements. To organize Educational seminars to enhance the trend of education in the class and as per the needs of modern time.
  • To provide every possible employment to the members of Jamat or decrease unemployment ration in our Jamat. To arrange workshops and seminars to develop and train Youth of the community in collaboration with world’s renowned IT & Technical Education Institutions.
  • To provide Interest Free Business Loan of Rs. 300,000 (which can be increased) with easy installments to aspiring ladies and gentlemen of the Jamat who are interested in starting their own business.
  • To introduce Islamic Takaful Health Card for all families of Jamat with the coverage of 500,000 per year. To provide maximum number of Hospital panels and Laboratory discounts to facilitate the members of Jamat.
  • To give 24/7 Emergency Services to the members of Jamat in any kind of Emergency including Medical, Funerals, Legal and Domestic issues.
  • To give a chance of Hajj / Umrah through balloting to those members who are unable to bear the expenses. This facility is for 1 family (2 members) per year from the platform of Jamat.
  • To assist underprivileged members of Jamat to acquire their own house and to look after their families without any distress.
  • To increase 100% ratio of Zakat fund collection as compared to previous years. To distribute Zakat fund, keeping in view the protection of self-esteem of the deserving members and to ensure the distribution of Zakat fund through one window operation from the platform of Jamat.
  • To distribute Rashan Vouchers from Zakat and Welfare fund in efficient manner.
  • To increase 100% Welfare fund assistance as compare to previous years for the donations of White collars members of Jamat.
  • To empower all the Sub Committees of Jamat to carry out community functions and operations efficiently.
  • To provide voting rights to those members of Jamat who are residing outside Pakistan.
  • To recount of the members of Jamat with complete data and to launch and E-Directory and Mobile Application exclusively for the Members of Jamat.
  • To amend the Constitution of Jamat as per the present times and to register it immediately and welcome the opinion of the members of Jamat regarding the same.
  • To form a Committee comprising of senior members of Jamat to guide Managing Committee and assist from time to time as and when required.
  • To publish Annual Audited Financial report, Honorary General Secretary performance report and Sub Committees reports of Jamat and to welcome the opinion of the members of Jamat for the betterments of the affairs of Jamat.