Mission & Vision of JWMYO

The primary aims of JWMYO are the development of youth with strong religious belief and positive approach towards the modern world, organization of a healthcare system to arrange blood donation camps and free of cost medical camps for the members of community to facilitate  a healthy lifestyle. Providing the educational opportunities to the students in the community with an intention to promote and encourage the positive approach towards higher and professional  qualifications in order to achieve better jobs and work opportunities in the market. Moreover, arranging extra curricular activities for the children of jamat to develop critical thinking, channelling  the skills and building self-confidence for a bright future. 
Prize Distribution ceremony is held annually to appreciate the high achievers in academics in order to encourage all the students to perform better in their respective institutions.
Also, career guidance and skill development programs are arranged time to time to provide appropriate advice by the successful  professionals sharing their experiences in the areas of  entrepreneurship and leadership to motivate the youth in the correct direction.
Sports events are organized for the recreational and entertainment purpose for youth and to promote sports and  physical activities in the community. 
 Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Youth Organisation works parallel to Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat for the welfare of community and contribute their highest efforts for building a healthy community.