Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat was established in 1949 in Karachi Pakistan. Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat is non-profit organization which is working to provide facilities to its members. The purpose behind establishment of this community was to bring brotherhood and bonding between its members in Karachi city.


Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat has its own Constitution and this community is working for its people in the light of its Constitution. There are different committees who are working on their projects to provide their best facilities to the members of community.


Our first priority is to provide quality education to our children. We are providing education to the children of our members from Nursery to higher studies. We have our own Employment Bureau in which we are providing employment to our members.


We are providing housing facilities to our members who don’t have their own place to live or those who are living on monthly rent etc. We are also providing health facilities to our members in which we have discounted panels in different hospitals of Karachi city. We are also giving 100% medical help to those who are needy and unable to bear their medical expenses.


Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat has its Youth Organisation which is working under the supervision of Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat. The young generation is serving people of the community from this platform.


Hence, Jamnagar Wehvaria Memon Jamat is providing facilities to its members in every field and trying to improve its services to serve people of the community.